Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 86


I need to get outta here now! Alisa ducked between the robot police’s legs.

However, soon there was another robo-cop blocking her path.

“Out of my way!” Alisa tried swinging her short sword at them, but it only grazed off the side of the robo-cop’s body, without injuring it. Conversely, the iron arm grabbed her and in one swing she was tossed into the road. Alisa lost her breath for a moment of intense pain.

“Ugh… stupid robot!”

“This way, Alisa!” said a voice.

Alisa was bounding between the buildings, from alley to alley.

“Aunt Suelo!”

“Shh!” The concealed woman put a finger across her mouth.

When the remaining robot police weren’t looking, she crossed the street.

“It’s all right now.”

This woman was Alisa’s only remaining family, her Aunt Suelo.

“You really should lay off this revenge business, it’s too dangerous! But who am I kidding, I know you’re not the type to listen to advice. Just remember to always come to me whenever you’re tired from battle, and I’ll cast healing magic on you. And please, my dear, don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”

“Thank you, Aunt Suelo. Don’t worry, I will stay alive. I have to, so that I can avenge my brother!”

Alisa gently squeezed her aunt’s hands before leaving.

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