Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 363


“Gotta bust this bad boy out already, eh?” said Tyrone as he hoisted the Missile Launcher up to his shoulder.

“But you only have one missile! There’s no way you’re going to take them all out like that. You need at least two or three of them,” said Alisa.

“Just watch!”

Tyrone fired the launcher! A missile came flying out with a plume of white of smoke following it like a streamer. The missile sailed through the air before finally striking the bluff of an icy cliff.

“What! You completely missed the mark. You are terrible at this!” 

“… ya think so?  Wait for it.”

Suddenly, the icy wall made a rumbling noise and began to shake and crumble!  The blast from the missile set off an avalanche of snow from the top. Giant chunks of ice and snow came crashing down onto the valley floor below, burying every last Mammoth.

“Wooooow! Tyrone, you wiped them all out with just one shot! You’re Algol’s greatest genius!”

However, the avalanche also destroyed the tower along with the Mammoths….

“Sigh… I take it back. You’re Algol’s greatest screw-up,” huffed Alisa.

“Aw, come on…” replied Tyrone.  (Lose the Missile Launcher)

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