Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 351


“There’s only two of ‘em, this shouldn’t be too difficult,”  said Tyrone coolly as he drew his Laser Gun and began blasting. Pew! Pew!

The laser sliced the Mammoth’s trunk right off of its face. With the tilt of a wrist, the laser beam moved and continued slicing through the huge beast’s body. 

The Laser Gun’s massive power output was capable of producing much greater damage than either the Needle Gun or the Heat Gun. The Mammoth let out a death roar just as the gun’s photon energy ran out. Alisa and the others finished off the second Mammoth. (+1 COMBAT P, +2 MAGIC P)

“That was an impressive display, Tyrone,” remarked Lutz.

“Eh, this thing can only take on one or two of those big guys at a time. I would’ve been screwed if there had been more,” replied Tyrone as he replaced the energy cartridge on his gun.

The group returned to the outskirts of Aukbal. Eventually, after wandering around in circles for awhile, they came across another tower. 

“This must be Corona Tower, I guess. Or not. Who knows, since half the townspeople are liars,” said Alisa, who apparently was talking to herself.

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