Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 333


“Laerma Berries? Oh, I’ve heard of them before, come to think of it.”

Alisa remembered what the robot said from the Governor’s Mansion on Motavia. 

The Dezolian talked to them at length about the power of the berries.

They learned that laerma berries were a special kind of fruit that only grew on the Altiplano Plateau.

“These berries can be eaten and used as a normal food ingredient, however, a special phenomena occurs if it is eaten by a musk cat,” explained the Dezolian.

“What’s a ‘musk cat’? What kind of ‘special phenomena’? Also, why are these ‘forbidden’ berries?”

But by then, the Dezolian had already wandered away, leaving Alisa and the rest behind with nothing but questions.

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