Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 325


Black foggy mist poured out from inside the hatch. For a moment, the mist appeared to dance and swirl before finally materializing into the body of a great beast!

Its metallic blue body was a twisted fusion of flesh and machine. The lower portion of the body sat enshrouded within the black fog, unable to be seen.

From the depths of the fog, a colossal, metallic blue, humongous beast appeared. Every enemy ever they’ve fought up til now seemed weak in comparison.
From the depths of the fog appeared a towering, metallic blue beast. Every enemy that they’ve ever fought up til now seemed weak in comparison.

But more than anything, the feature that really grabbed Alisa’s attention was its face. This monster was identical to the nightmare creature she dreamed about that night at the Governor’s Mansion on Motavia!

Did Alisa’s latent esper abilities cause her to have that dream? And if that’s the case, then was her dream actually a premonition? 

No, that can’t be! There’s no way that could be true.

However, Alisa realized something. Compared to this monster, all the opponents she’d ever battled against up until now were nothing more than mere weaklings. Even the mighty La Shiec was nothing more than a puppet being controlled by a more sinister force. She knew this was the true enemy that needed to be defeated!

The red eyes of the monster suddenly moved around.

<My name is Dark Falz, known as the ‘Dark Lord of Chaos’! I shall have you all become my new servants.>


Dark Falz: 55 + BATTLE P (1-A)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-J)

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