Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 320


Alisa knocked the skull off the skeleton’s body.

“That’s one down! —What? Ahh!”  

Not yet defeated, the headless Mad Stalker slashed Alisa’s arm! (-1 HP)   

“What, are these guys immortal!?”

At that moment, Alisa’s sword slipped through her opponent’s ribcage by chance.  Had it been a human, it would have pierced through the heart.  Then, suddenly, the Mad Stalker crumbled and fell apart.

“Oh, I see! That’s its weak spot!”

Despite being a powerful enemy, it was only a skeleton. Now that they knew its weakness, it wasn’t such a formidable enemy after all. It took no time for Alisa and her comrades to wipe out all the Mad Stalkers.

After that, they came upon a corner. Which way?