Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 301


“Die!” exclaimed Medusa, shooting sharp beams from the palm of her hand.

The beams grazed over Tyrone’s head, instead hitting the Mad Stalker that he was fighting. Its skull shattered into a thousand fragments, disappearing into a fine dust.

“The one to die will be you!” 

Knocking the skeleton warrior out of the way, Tyrone went flying! His large body moved swiftly.

“Damn it,” said Medusa, launching more beams.

Deflecting the beams with his shield, the warrior moved in and swung down his ax!


Swoosh…  The snake woman, or rather Medusa’s head fell to the right and to the left.

That one attack had cleanly cut the monster’s body in two.

“You did it, Tyrone!”

Alisa and the others, having taken care of the rest of the enemies, came running up to Tyrone. Myau took the lead, jumping up onto his shoulders.

Tyrone had a smile of satisfaction on his face. He has now settled the score in his fated showdown…

Tyrone reached his hand out towards the ax which rested over Medusa’s throne. This indeed was the legendary weapon he had sought ― the Laconian Ax.

(Write down the LACONIAN AX on your Item List; +5 COMBAT P, +300 MESETA).

“We’ve gone to all the suspicious places around Palma and Motavia…. The only place we haven’t been yet is the planet Dezolis.” 

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