Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 300


Lowering his head, the village chief received their money (-200 MESETA).

After that, he presented Alisa and her comrades with a treasure box in exchange for the payment.

“The shield inside is called the ‘Shield of Perseus’.”

“Oh! The shield that Perseus once used! In ancient times, it is said he used it to  slay Medusa,” said Tyrone with excitement as he examined it. It was quite heavy, so naturally the only one who could wield it would be Tyrone. (Obtain item PERSEUS’ SHIELD, +3 COMBAT P)

Alisa and her comrades exited the village via the underground passageway that the village chief told them about. Thanks to that, they were able to exit safely outside of the gas cloud. They returned to the spaceship Luveno, which was still parked outside the village of Uzo.

Where should they go from here?

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