Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 298


The Dragon Wise let out a howl and floated up into the sky. It turned its neck around and flew towards Alisa! This took everyone by surprise; no one was able to help. 

(Big brother, give me strength).  At that moment, her small frame danced in the sky.

The Dragon Wise continued flying straight, crashing into a large stone-laden wall.  

The stone wall crumbled and fell apart, causing bits of rock to fall on the dragon.

The Dragon Wise extended its neck out as bricks fell and shattered off of it. Alisa then stabbed her sword through its throat! The dragon exhaled one last breath of fire into the sky and then collapsed.

“You did it, Alisa! Even I’ve never beaten a monster this size before,” said Tyrone.

Alisa panted in reply.

Alisa grabbed the jewel from the dragon’s forehead and then sat down with a plop. Finally relieving some stress, she loosened up her tense muscles. (Obtain item AMBER EYE, +2 MAGIC P, +200 MESETA)

“I-incredible! The Dragon Wise was really defeated! And by a girl, no less!” exclaimed the villagers who were just cowering moments ago. They began to gather around.

The villagers told Alisa about a village called Sopia which was nearby. Due to a gas that surrounds the village, there are many people who have carelessly gone there, never to come back. (Action Chart – Check “G”)

“That sounds suspicious. Maybe even La Shiec himself is there…”