Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 279


Alisa threw her sword at the Blue Slime which came lunging towards her. Tyrone and the others had already defeated the other five slimes.

“They’re only slimes. They’re weaklings. Well then, let’s go. ―Ahh!”

Suddenly, something entwined around Alisa’s, knocking her over. (-1 HP)

It was one of the supposedly defeated slimes. This particular slime had used an esper recovery ability.

The slime clung onto Alisa’s leg, biting into it.

“P-pervert slime!”

She grabbed the slime with both of her hands and threw it on the floor as hard as she could! She then stomped the hell out of it with her feet. Having been destroyed to this extent, its chance of recovery was now zero.

The remaining slimes retreated. (+50 MESETA)