Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 274


The two Centaurs, each wielding a sword in their right hand and a beam gun in their left, commenced attacking the group.

Suddenly, red beams came shooting towards them, grazing Alisa’s cheek.

“This is close-quarter combat! We can’t let them use their guns!”

Myau flew in from above to attack the demon knights. Without wasting time, Alisa and the others took advantage of the opening and closed in on them. Swords violently clashed against each other, casting away sparks as they met.


Alisa swung her sword with the fierce intention of landing a killing blow! A thick sound could be heard as the Centaur’s mask cracked and seeped with blood. The demon knight collapsed to the ground.

When Alisa turned around, she had found that Tyrone and Myau had taken care of the other Centaur.

Having defeated the enemies, the party came upon an L-shaped corner.

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