Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 251


Being a dangerous area where monsters appear, there were Armor Shops all over the town.

  • Laser Gun: 200 meseta 
    A gun with the best power. (If you have a HEAT GUN, then you can trade it in and purchase the LASER GUN for 100 MESETA. If you have a NEEDLE GUN, you can trade and purchase it for 150 MESETA.)
  • Animal Glove: 150 meseta 
    Armor for Myau
  • Psycho Wand: 150 meseta 
    A weapon for Lutz

(For each item that you buy, write it down on your Item List and subtract the total MESETA. Add 1 COMBAT P for each weapon bought.)

Alisa and her comrades left the store.

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