Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 193


“I’ll do it!”

The Kryons then attacked Alisa, who ran out to the front lines. They came around and circled, slashing her with their sharp claws! (-1 HP)

Enduring the pain, Alisa cut the neck of the first monster. While the enemy was dazed, she then sliced through its wings. A Kryon without wings was no longer a threat; the remaining two soon fell to Alisa’s blade.

“Hehehe, there’s a lava pit up ahead. You’re all going to die there – gahhh!”

“What an idiot, letting the enemy know about impending danger,” said Alisa, sheathing her sword after delivering the final blow. (+1 COMBAT P, +1 MAGIC P, +200 MESETA.)

“Well, if it’s that dangerous ahead, there might be something up there,” said Lutz.

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