Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 135


The blue robed natives became aware of Alisa and her companions. They pointed their guns at them and began to shoot.



“This is nothing. Those beam guns have low output. Even with a direct hit on bare skin, it’s only enough to leave a slight burn,” said Tyrone.

“But for those guys in the brown clothes, it’s a matter of life and death. We’ve got to hurry and save them.”

“Yeah! Okay you rats, it’s time to repay you for catching me off guard!”

Tyrone grabbed his ax and surged through the group of natives. Alisa and Myau joined in.

As things escalated into an all-out brawl, both sides of the fray feared getting struck by fly-by debris.

The blue robed natives grew clumsy and careless with their beam guns; suddenly they all ran off, dispersing in all directions like baby spiders. (+1 COMBAT P, +50 MESETA)

Alisa and her comrades saved the mice in brown – Motabian Farmers. It seems that La Shiec’s evil influence even extends to the planet Motabia.
Alisa and her comrades saved the mousy-looking natives wearing brown robes – Motavian Farmers. It seems that La Shiec’s evil influence even extends to the planet Motavia.

“All right, everything’s okay now, you guys,” Alisa said to the brown robed native.

<Oh, thank you.>

“Oh, you can talk?”

<We are Motavian Farmers. Those other guys were Motavian Scavengers We have lived here on this planet since ancient times, but ever since this La Shiec guy came around, the Scavengers have started picking on us.>

“Wow,  I can’t believe La Shiec’s been meddling with things over here, too.”

<This is the first time we’ve ever been saved by humans. It’s also a first being saved by a cat. We truly, truly, thank you,> the Motavians gave their thanks again and again.

“Well, we’re going to go on our way now, but you guys be careful from now on.”  (Action Chart – Check “J”)

After parting with the Motavian Farmers, the group continued advancing around the large rocky cliff.

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