Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 134


“Wait, please. Somehow it appears that he means us no harm,” Lutz said, stopping Tyrone.

“How can you tell?”

“It’s what one might call telepathy.” And so Lutz began to talk to the Centaur earnestly. (-1 MAGIC P). By doing so, they learned a few things.

Yes, the Centaur was an imperial guard. However, he became unsatisfied with La Shiec’s ways, voiced his complaints and wound up being thrown in jail.

He was captured when he went to the village of Abion to buy Polymeteral.


“It’s a medicine that’s said to dissolve any kind of substance other than Laconia.”

Alisa tried to invite the Centaur to go with her and her comrades, but he shook his head. He explained that he no longer had a place where he belonged.

The party exited the cell.

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