Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 123


“That’s strange, those fishmen are heading towards that man over there,” said Alisa.

Without further delay, Alisa and Myau moved in. Tyrone and Lutz then blocked the Marshmen’s escape path. They attacked the enemy from both sides and brought the battle to a close. (+1 COMBAT P, +150 MESETA)

“T-thank you”

The man, still on the ground, held out his hand out to Alisa. It was a hand with long, sharp nails and covered in fish scales — the hand of a Marshman!

“Does it scare you? … I may look like this now, but I’m human. La Shiec forced his doctors to perform surgical alterations on a whole bunch of us… I managed to escape somehow, mid-surgery…”

Alisa was aghast. This poor man. She told the man about herself and her comrades.

“A robot, huh… Come to think of it, I’ve heard rumors about one in the scrap heap over in the village of Bartevo. You can probably find it if you use a special drug called Polymeteral.”

“Thank you for the info. Do you want to come with us?”

The man laughed weakly.

“I can’t. I doubt I have much longer… My body is weakened since I escaped in the middle of surgery… But at least I won’t have to live in that lava pit. Instead I get to die here, on the surface… I… I’m so… glad…” (Action Chart – Check “F”)

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