Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 104


Alisa surveyed her surroundings once more. The bedroom’s pale sepia colors had a calming sort of feel. The Governor did indeed have a listless feeling to him.

“Frankly, ever since La Shiec seized control over the Three Planet Alliance, he’s been making unreasonable demands from Motavia, too.  According to my Bureau of Investigation, he’s gotten entangled with some kind of evil religious cult. He intends to plunge all three planets into chaos and calamity,” said the Governor.

“I believe it. Up until we got here, we’ve encountered all kinds of monsters” said Alisa.

“But without any kind of evidence, what can be done about it? There seems to be no recourse. Although…” 

The Governor looked fleetingly at Alisa and her comrades.

“If, for instance, you felt so inclined as to rise up and fight, whether it be against the government, or against the king, I could look the other way and turn a blind eye to such activity…”

“Never thought the Governor would be such a rebel,” joked Tyrone.

“Hahaha, well then. You all must be tired from such a long journey. You should take it easy for now and rest for the night.”

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