Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 50


The two Man-eaters briskly waved their tentacles around Alisa. On the body of one of the man-eaters, a large crack began to form. Suddenly, something came shooting out from it.

“Oh, no!” Alisa said as she quickly ducked.  It zoomed over her head and made a direct hit on the other man-eater!

Without hesitating, Alisa sliced her sword through the remaining Man-eater. CRUNCH! It felt like cutting cabbage. The Man-eater readily collapsed to the ground.

When she turned to look at the one behind her, half of it was already melting into a gurgling puddle. It must have been some kind of acidic substance that the other Man-eater had launched.

“My goodness, it looks like it could be a stew. – Oh, I’ve got to hurry and go to the spaceport.”


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