Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 16


The two Man-eaters briskly waved their tentacles around Alisa. On the body of one of the Man-eaters, a large crack began to form. Suddenly, something came shooting out from it.

Alisa swiftly turned around and swung her sword at the enemy. As easily as cutting cabbage, Alisa sliced the Man-eater in half!

One Man-eater left! But the moment she turned to face it, something was on her.  Hiss! White smoke plumes rose up around Alisa. Her equipment was smoldering. It was acid!


 The enemy had managed to sneak that attack on Alisa and now the side of her body was burning. (-1 HP)

“Why, you little! What if that leaves a mark!”

Without wasting any more time, Alisa ferociously stabbed at the Man-eater. Her anger exploded. Within a minute, the Man-eater was shred up into countless pieces.  (+40 MESETA)

“You’d make a terrible salad,” joked Alisa. “Oh, I’ve got to hurry and go to the spaceport.”